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My artist project: Ry Fish 

This site is designed for hiring purposes.

Below is a sample of my work.

I create songs. I like to call it 'farm-to-table music' (because it's me performing/producing/ mixing/mastering).


This is my band started in 2020. The Iditza project sparked my love for engineering live bands. 

I recorded bass, drums, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar simultaneously.

The process was key—we made sure we had fun.

Ashes to Amber

I started working with Kane Acosta (Ashes to Amber) in 2019.

I wrote, produced, and mixed the songs Taj and No Diga Mentiras.

I produced the song Jade.

(I also engineered many of his shows 2021-2023)



I engineered this show^ (and produced this event with 29th St productions and GEN-ZiNE) (March 25, 222)

29th St Productions

SHOWS!!! My friends and I started 29th St Productions in 2021.

As the audio engineer for 29th Productions, I handled rentals, riders, and DOS flow.

We've thrown ~30 shows, with over 10 of them being DIY audio and lighting setups (lots of planning)




Live2 Showcase 4 - LA Skateclub (produced by 29th St Productions) (Feb, 2022)


AG Club at LA Skateclub (Feb 11th, 2022)

Other engineering / mixing 

Bennett Coast's live engineer from 2021-22

Engineered multiple shows for 6arelyhuman

(2 were diy audio setup, w/live autotune)

(Nov, 2023)

Timmy Skelly:

live from Fillmore (11/23)

This was a 3 day writing/recording session at an airbnb in Fillmore, CA.

I engineered the session (w/ help from Joel Shnaper). We recorded bass, sax, trumpet, electric & acoustic guitar, keys, and drums simultaneously. A record—recorded all at once! (like the good ol' days)

San Andrea

I've worked with Carlo Rincon (San Andrea) since 2021.  I wrote the songs Evergreen and Telluride with Carlo, and produced and mixed them. 

I mixed this audio^

Sally Boy live session

I engineered and recorded this session, May 2021


302 668 9482

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